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Welcome to Filler Lux B2B Store

Please sign up the form before acces to our B2B Store. Once we recived reqest we will contact you shortly.


We provide flexible payment solution. 


Orders will be shipped within 2-7 business days.


All our products are 100% authentic.

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Live chat available 24/7 for support during selection, purchase, and delivery

Advanced SkinCare products

We collaborate with market-verified brands in the field of aesthetic medicine, ensuring that every product we offer is 100% authentic. We have taken every measure to guarantee that you and your clients receive the finest quality skincare treatments available

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Choice of professionals

Our products have been the choice of professionals for many years. The best doctors, clinics, and cosmetologists have preferred Filler Lux for its consistent quality and reliability.

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Our store operates on a membership basis. Once your annual purchases exceed $5,000, we will refund all membership fees you have paid


Once your order fo $5000 and more your membersip will be free and all membership fee refunded


Acces full store for just only $6 per month.


Acces full store for just only $6 per month.

What profesionals say about us

May 8, 2024

One of my favorite “Filler lux “,very professional team ,punctual and loyal ! Large selection and great product,I’m very satisfied!

mane mkrtchyan

May 16, 2024

One of the best . Super responsible and reputable.

Vtina Beauty

April 8, 2024

Love love love

Karina Sanchez

Jan 8, 2020

Thank you filler Lux!

Cameron Spence

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